Thursday, 10 June 2010

Revisions and Contractions

Today we were editing our rough drafts for our essays in English. I was really excited to see how my friend would edit it. I told her to be brutal. And she was. Although the majority of my revision includes taking out contractions, I really do feel excited when I'm revising my work or when I find out what I did wrong and how I can do better.

My friends and I in the back corner of our classroom were also discussing how we write. My one friend tends to write the way she speaks. Our teacher said that a lot of people put "would of" into their essays instead of "would have (or would've)". My friend turned to us, smiled and said "That's me. Sorry, but I write the way I speak." So that got us all thinking about how we write. I realized that I sound more formal in my writing than I do when I'm talking. Even in my thoughts I sound a bit formal because of all the fantasy books with all the big words I read. :P My friend who was editing my essay agreed with me.

I like reading other people's work because it gives me some perspective on how they see the world, how they think, how they justify their opinions, etc. I don't think my friend thought of that when she was editing my essay, but that's fine with me.