Saturday, 19 June 2010

Being Nostalgic

During multiple times this year, I have had to use for projects when I was working on them at school. Today, as I was pulling up to get a project, I noticed I had old articles from last year. I looked them over and found "Sonnet", a sonnet from my ISP for last year's Enlgish class. We had to read a book and do a bunch of stuff for it, including writing a sonnet. The book I read was Peter Pan by James M. Barrie. It was in a rather large book I bought from Chapters, Seven of the Best: Favourite Stories from the Golden Age of Children's Literature. I decided you might want an example of my writing to prove that I am capable of writing. This sonnet I wrote at the end of grade ten, when I was fifteen.


Lady you cannot have the Wendy girl,
She is our mother in Neverland.
Our Wendy shines so she looks like a pearl,
Having her as a mother is so grand.

You will not see Wendy again lady,
She shan’t return for the window is barred.
This act that I have done is so shady,
The window in the nursery is hard.

Oh all right, I will open this window,
We don’t want any mothers anyway.
Back to our precious Neverland we go,
Your cold tears have made my decision sway.

I am barred from this joy forever more,
But I believe that this life is a bore.