Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Language of Love

French is supposed to be the language of love, so why don't I love it? My french exam is tomorrow and I do not enjoy studying the verb tenses when there is so much else to do! I have a story idea stuck in my head and I need to start writing until I get writer's block. This french is just ruining the creative process!

By the way, I do not suggest going into a math exam with Ode to Joy stuck in your head. It can be quite annoying when you're trying to figure out what domain means and how you can find it.

But while DR & MRS VANDERTRAMP is staring at me and I am staring at it, I can at least try to retain some information, since I will be taking french next year. If I take it four years in a row I will get an award, and if I get Staff Honours for four years I will get Suma Cum Laude, which is very good indeed. So while I think french is a pain right now, it's helping me get an award which will help in te university applications next year.